105: Uncle Tupelo - New Madrid

This week I talk about some earth shaking material (ugh). I discuss the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812. The song is by one of my top 5 bands, maybe top band, Uncle Tupelo.


New Madrid by Uncle Tupelo is off their album Anodyne.

Lyrics Discussed

All my daydreams are disasters She’s the one I think I love Rivers burn and then run backwards For her, that’s enough


They all come from New York City And they woke me up at dawn


Caroms over the landfill Buries us all in its broken back There’s a man of conviction And although he’s getting old

Mr. Browning has a prediction And we’ve all been told So come on back from New York City Roll your trucks in at dawn_

The History

New Madrid Seismic Zone

New Madrid, Missouri

Morehouse, Missouri

Iben Browning, New Madrid Incident

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