106: Son Volt – 10 Second News

This week I talk about some more Missouri melodrama. This time it’s Times Beach. Times Beach was a newspaper promotion that turned a floodplain into a town, into a national disaster, into a floodplain, and into a state park.


Ten Second News by Son Volt is off their first album Trace. Also it is Shawna Lutes and my favorite traveling music.

Lyrics Discussed

When you find what matters is what you feel It arrives and it disappears Driving down sunny 44 highway There’s a beach there known for cancer Waiting to happen


And it’s hard enough soaking up billboard signs You scorch and drown alive, never knowing why The levee gates are open wide There’s a cough in the water and it’s running into town

The History

Ill-Fated Times Beach, Missouri

Epa History - Times Beach

Times Beach, Missouri

Waste-oil hauler Russell Bliss, who allegedly sprayed dioxin-contaminated oil…

Learn about Dioxin

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