108: Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays

I don’t like Mondays, well actually they are fine I suppose. This week we talk about Ethiopian Christianity, Band Aid, Live Aid, Famines, and Brenda Spencer.


I Don’t Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats.

Lyrics Discussed

_The silicon chip inside her head Gets switched to overload And nobody’s gonna go to school today She’s going to make them stay at home

And daddy doesn’t understand it He always said she was as good as gold And he can see no reason ‘cause there are no reasons What reason do you need to be shown?_


_(Tell me why) I don’t like Mondays (Tell me why) I don’t like Mondays (Tell me why) I don’t like Mondays I wanna shoot

The whole day down

The History

Brenda Spencer: She Asked For a Radio, He Got Her a Gun

Cleveland Elementary School Shooting

1993: Convicted school shooter Brenda Spencer speaks with San Diego News 8 - Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Other Links

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Ethiopian Tewahedo Church

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