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I was talking to Devon Dundee from the Magic Rays of Light podcast on Mastodon about podcasts and I realized there was no easy way to share what I listen to. Well I have a blog and I can just link to what I listen to for everyone to see (my two readers at least). I mostly listen to history, true crime (subgenre of history), and TV/movie podcasts. Also congrats to Devon and Sigmund Judge on your show getting picked up by MacStories.

Here’s my list:


Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore Addendum
The History of Rome
Rum, Rebels & Ratbags
The History Chicks
The Rest is History
Everything Everywhere
Natalie Haynes Stands up for the Classics
Darknet Diaries
Emperors of Rome
When in Rome
Revisionist History
The Kids of Rutherford County
Our Fake History
The Ancients
Mission History
The Thing About Pam

True Crime

Mr. Ballen Medical Mysteries
Crooked City
Serial Killers
Crime Junkie


Hemispheric Views
Daring Fireball


Babylon 5 for the First Time
Grey 17, A Babylon 5 Podcast
Stargate for the First Time
The Milleninial Falcon
Magic Rays of Light
A Dream Given Form, A Babylon 5 Podcast
Raising Standards
The Last of Us
Ty & That Guy
Magnificent Jerk
Foundation, The Official Podcast
Foundation and Podcast
Vulcan Hello

General Interest

Friends with Brews
The Christian Nerd Podcast
You’re Wrong About
Grammar Girl
Robot or Not

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