I thought I might talk a little about the website since I’m sure I’ll probably get people here who have never listened to the podcast. I love music and I love history. I used to love looking at the liner notes that came in vinyl albums. Usually, the lyrics to all the songs would be there and I would read through them repeatedly, memorizing them. The bands would also thank other bands they liked. This was a great way to find other bands to listen to in an age when you couldn’t search for bands and find who influenced them. I bought many an album based on the credits in the liner notes.

That doesn’t have anything to do with this website other than those liner notes became some of my favorite things and eventually led me to start a podcast about where music and history intersect. When my wife and I were designing the website, we found some artwork that looked like a record. It had these beautiful colors that we decided to use throughout the site. The pinks and blues work perfectly together. We looked at tons of fonts and decided on a mono font. We chose it because it looks good but also because it has a great name. The name is Brass Mono. If you know me, then you know I love the Beastie Boys. If you know the Beastie Boys, you know they have a song named Brass Monkey. Brass Monkey… Brass Mono… you get it.

Enjoy reading on the website, if that’s your thing. Enjoy reading in your RSS reader of choice, if that’s your thing. Enjoy never looking at it again, if that’s your thing. In the immortal words of Shock G of Digital Underground, Doowutchyalike.

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