I’m Ronnie Lutes.

This is the home of my writings and my podcast, The Liner Project. I’m a writer. I was, or maybe am, a podcaster. I like history, music, and technology.

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Holiday in Cambodia by The Dead Kennedys


Today I am writing about another one of my favorite songs, Holiday in Cambodia written by Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys. Jello Biafra was born Eric Reed Boucher in 1958 in Boulder, Colorado, which may explain a lot about the future Biafra. His mom was a librarian and his dad a psychiatric social worker. Even as a child he was interested in international politics. He watched the news constantly and one of his earliest memories is of John F.

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203: Johnny Horton - Sink the Bismarck


In this episode I talk about one of the songs that inspired me to do this podcast. Johnny Horton’s career was cut short, maybe due to powdering alligators behinds… listen and you will learn about the German Battleship Bismarck. Sink the Bismarck by Johnny Horton Lyrics In May of 1941 the war had just begun The Germans had the biggest ship that had the biggest guns The Bismarck was the fastest ship that ever sailed the sea

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